What Happens In SSB



  1. Interview will be of five days excluding Reporting day.
  2. Candidate will be fired out either on first day after screening or last day.
  3. Carry all the documents as mentioned in your call letter.

Candidates are required to report to their respective centers one day before 1st day (reporting day).


On this day candidates has to do a little things, first their documents are checked & then they are asked to fill PIQ (personal information questionnaire) which is about your personal information.


Day 1:

Day one is for screening.

Q) What is screening ?

Ans)  In screening potential candidates are selected based on some tests & those who failed to get through screening are sent  back on the same day (after lunch).

Q) what is actually there in screening ?

Ans)  Well screening consist of activities such as –

Verbal & Non-Verbal test

PPDT (Picture Perception & Discussion Test)

  • Non Verbal Test –

This test will test your Non-Verbal reasoning as the paper will appear in diagrammatic and pictorial form. Non –Verbal reasoning involves the ability to understand visual information & solve problem using visual reasoning.

  • Verbal Test –

Verbal reasoning is the ability to comprehend and reason using concepts through words.

It is used by interviewers to find out how well a candidate can assess verbal logic, and how successfully they can extract correct meaning from complex written information.


A lot of verbal & non-verbal tests are available online , many people think these tests are very simple & don’t  practice hard for these test , this is where they lose marks . I suggest to practice hard for these test also.

PPDT (Picture Perception & Discussion Test) –

In this test candidates are shown a blurred screen on the screen for 30 seconds.

Within this time candidate is required to take a closer look at the picture and note certain things

Such as no. of characters, their ages, mood


After that candidates are given 1 minute to mark the characters in square box along with their moods & ages. Within this 1 minute you also have to write Action of story which is in simple words summary of story in one line.

Then candidates are given 4 minutes to write story & after that sheets are collected immediately from the candidates.

Second part of PPDT is Discussion test , it also contains further two sub parts i.e

  1. Individual Narration :

In this candidates are asked to narrate their story, candidate will get almost 1 minute to finish their narration.

Note :

Story you have written in the paper & story you are narrating should match.

2. Group discussion :

Main motto of group discussion is to make a common story of the given picture, group discussion will be of 5-10 minutes.

Neither speak too much nor too less both things are not good for your selection.

Your voice should be loud and clear & don’t lose confidence it’s show time.

Screening results will be declared within few hours.

Those who get selected will stay back for stage 2 & those who don’t will be paid TA (travelling allowance) and send back to their homes.

Note :

  • TA is actually the amount of money given to a candidate on the basis of how much money he had to spend to come to the SSB center & in going back to home.
  • TA is given only once & if a candidate doesn’t take TA first time he will be eligible to take TA next time.
  • I suggest you not to take TA if you live too close to the SSB center as the amount will be too low, may be next time your SSB center will be in another state and then You will be paid More.


Day 2:

Psychological Test – It consist of group of tests, to check the psychological suitability of the candidate to be an officer. Time limits in these tests are kept very short so that candidates can only write their first thoughts reflecting their true psyche.

They contain Tests such as –

  1. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self Description Test (SD)
  • TAT –

This is a projective psychological test to check a person’s patterns of thoughts, observational capacity & emotional responses. In this test a candidate will be shown a picture for 30 seconds and then candidates will be given 4 minutes to write a story on it, after 4 minutes another picture will flash and same process will carry on. A total of 11 pictures will be shown and 11th picture will be a blank slide.

  • WAT-

In this test a candidate is bombarded with 60 words back to back, each word is shown for 15 seconds and within that 15 seconds candidate have to write a sentence in which that particular word is used.

  • SRT –

In this candidate ability to solve a situation is checked. Candidate is given a booklet of 60 situations & total time of 30 min is awarded.


Your act to situation must be practical there is no need of  becoming  super hero, be real and write only things what will you do if you were really there in that particular situation.

Day 3 & 4:


It consist of a no. of outdoor tasks , most of the tasks are conducted in groups and candidates are required to support their group members on every difficult points, this will add a good impression, but on the other hand they should also show their individual skills whenever got a chance.


  1. GD – in this test there will be discussion on two topics. In first discussion 3 topics are given in which whole group has to select one on which discussion starts & in second discussion a topic is given by the officer there will be no choice, all the group members have to discuss that topic.

Important Points:

  1. Don’t interrupt anyone when he is speaking, let him finish first.
  2. Don’t interact with only one person try to communicate with maximum members of group.
  3. Don’t get into any kind of argument.
  4. Don’t try to dominate others.

GPE (Group Planning Exercise) –

In this group testing officer (GTO) will explain a map to the candidates, then based upon that map a problem will be given to you, each candidate is required to write his own solution to the problem, later whole group will discuss the problem and required to reach on an collective solution.

PGT (Progressive group task) –

In this test candidates are required to cross some obstacles with the help of some material like rope, wood log, plank etc. there are certain rules which a candidate had to follow while crossing obstacles, these rule will be explained in details by group testing officer (GTO).

HGT (Half Group test) –

In this test candidate is put through another set of obstacles and it is very similar to PGT, only difference is group is reduced to half.

FGT (Final Group Task) –

This is another set of obstacles. If things are not turned up good for your group in PGT & HGT, this is where you can save your chance to get selected.

GOR (Group Obstacle Race) –

Commonly called as snake race, your group will be given a long & heavy snake which you had to carry through a series of obstacles.

Command Task –

In this you will be alone & you have to perform obstacles given to you with the help of two helpers. You will act as a commander of group accompanied by two helpers.

Individual Task / Obstacles –

In this a candidate had to cross at least 10 obstacles in three minutes of time, obstacles will be different for army, airforce & navy.

Personal Interview –

This is the main aspect of SSB you may be asked about your stay in campus, about quality of food etc. It can range from few minutes to hours, it will be a complicated talk officer will try to open up with you to know more about you & will try to trap you in your own words. So speak less & speak perfect. Sometimes it may be possible that a candidate is asked only about subjects & general knowledge where as in most cases they will not access your knowledge here as they had done that in written test. Be confident & I am sure you clear this.

Day 5:

Dooms day, it’s a right word isn’t it. A candidate future depends on this day, on this day every candidate has to finally appear along with assessor to Board of Examiners, SSB Board of Examiners consist of a President, Deputy President, all the psychologists, all the GTOs and Technical officers. This process is usually called Conference.

after some time result of conference will be declared, those who are declared conference -in (selected) will get a shock & those who are declared conference-out (not selected)  will  even get a bigger shock.


In the last best of luck for your SSB from ALPHACAREER


















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