Hotel Management after 10th

If you had completed your class 10th and are not going to study further due to some financial crisis or family problems and had a strong desire to build your career in hotel management industry this article is for you, stay on this page and read full article and if you are going for class 12th and still wanted to build your career in hotel management you can check this article:

* How to build a career in Hotel Management after 12th

For 10th passed :

Firstly you must take a look at what hotel management industry is all about, so lets start with a simple question


Ans) HOTEL MANAGEMENT is a part of hospitality industry, an industry which offer services to their customers, as a part of this industry an individual is required to have a cool attitude for handling complex situations, also one should have qualities such as team work skills, hard worker etc.

now moving on to another level , let us discuss what are the various departments in a hotel



In simple terms this department manages money matters of the organization.


Front office is the place where the guests are greeted, front office department handles services such as front desk service, reservation, laundry, housekeeping service.


Human resource department is responsible for recruiting & training new employees. This department is also responsible for arranging staff training, making promotions,  and checking staff attendance.


This department is divided into two parts :

  1. Kitchen
  2. Restaurant

Kitchen department is responsible for food preparation on the other hand Restaurants department provide waiter service, food runner, and clean up service.


This department is responsible for advertising and selling various hotel facilities and services to individuals and groups.


This department is responsible for maintaining daily supplies and keeping security.

now as we had got some idea about hotel management industry, let’s see what are the various ways to get into this industry.

To enter into this industry after 10th there is only one way i.e go for a DIPLOMA COURSE, there are two categories of diploma courses available 
  1. Diploma in hotel management and catering technology
  2. Diploma in food production / Diploma in bakery and confectionery / Craftsmanship in front office / Craftsmanship in Food ans Beverages / Craftsmanship in Bakery / Craftsmanship in Food production / Craftsmanship in House keeping

Main difference between category 1 and category 2 diploma courses is their Duration and fees, Duration of 1st category diploma course is 3 years and its Fees ranges from where as Duration of scond category diploma course generally ranges from 1-2 years and it’s Fees ranges from 40,000 rs to 1 lakh

once you completed your course you will be placed with a company and your salary will be in the range of 15,000 rs to 30,000 rs

All of the above mentioned criteria (duration, fees & salary) for diploma course vary from institute to institute offering this course.

Now i am going to list some best institutes offering this diploma, just pick any one of them go to their official website and search for “diploma courses in hotel management after 10th” you will get a list of courses (generally 1 or 2) and select one of them ( the knowledge you have gained reading upper section of this page will surely help you in selecting good course for you), apply for the course That’s all you are done!!!!!


If you get any problem regarding courses please don’t hesitate to ask for help from the institute itself, and if that also doesn’t work “alphacareer” is always here for your help.

List of institutes offering  category 1 diploma i.e diploma in hotel management and catering technology :

  • SP More college of hotel, tourism, business studies
  • SRM chennai

List of institutes offering category 2 diploma courses

  • Lovely professional university (Delhi/Jalandhar)

Duration – 1 year                                   Fees – 99,000 rs

  • Chennais Amirta international institute of hotel management (Chennai)

Duration – 1 year                                   Fees – 46,000 rs

  • ITM IHM (Mumbai)

Duration – 1 year                                    Fees – 1,27,000 rs



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